Welcome to Neev Securities, we have over 10 years of expertise

26th January 2022

07:30 – 19:00

Monday to Friday

Hattisar Sadak

Kathmandu, Nepal

About Us

Neev Securities Pvt. Ltd., stock broker No. 47 was established in 2064 Poush. we are registered under company registration act of Nepal and a stock broker license holder from Securities Board of Nepal. We started our operation from Bhadra 2067. At present we operate with 16 full time staff in the Head office and 5 full time staff in branch office at Ithari. Our total office is 2000 square feet in space with a proper back up system. Our head office situated in kamaladi, Kathmandu Plaza 4th floor.

In this short span of time we have been able to serve more than seven thousand clients. We believe in customer service and have always adapted our business model to suit their needs. We value our customer needs and believe in doing long term business. It is inherent in our system that we provide good customer service by maintaining business integrity, confidentiality and promptness in service.